Hunter Douglas Designer Screen and Roller Shades and Skyline Panels Q & A

Dec 01, 2016

Frequently asked questions about Hunter Douglas Designer Screen and Roller Shades and Skyline Panels.

Of the new operating systems in Designer Roller Shades, will they also be available in the Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades as well?
Yes, both UltraGlide and LiteRise systems will be available in Roller and well as Screen Shades.

How soon will the Hunter Douglas LiteRise Cordless Lift System be available for order?
LiteRise cordless lifting system are anticipated to be available in the Summer of 2014.

What are the fabric limitations for the Hunter Douglas LiteRise system?
The only limitations for the cordless LiteRise system will be some of the heavier weight fabric choices.

Is the Hunter Douglas UltraGlide retractable cord system easy to operate?
Yes, just pull straight down to raise and pull directly away from the window to lower.

What choices in top treatments will be available?
The UltraGlide is currently available with Bracket and Large Cassette only.

Will any fabrics been discontinued in the Hunter Douglas Roller Shades + Skyline Panels?
Yes, there have been some discontinued fabrics that have been replaced by new exciting choices.

Are there any fabrics that are not available in both Roller Shades and Skyline Panels?
Only two will not be available in Skyline Panels. Those are Airy and Tao which are Roller Shades only choices.

Will the top treatment for my Skyline unit larger?
Yes, we are bringing out the larger Sleek Metal Valance at 2 ¾” . The current valance is 1 7/8”.

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