Power options for remote control blinds.

Power options affect the size and type of motorized window coverings.

Batteries are a great option for existing windows where running wire to the header of the window would be difficult. The downside to battery operated motorized shades is depending on usage batteries can need replacing as frequently as every six months. If you are motorizing a window shade that is higher off the ground frequent battery replacement can prove onerous.

Somfy Transformer
DC Motors and Low Voltage Wiring. There are several motor options available that operate on 12 and 24 volts DC. These motors require low voltage wiring to the header of the window or at a minimum the ability to plug in a transformer into a wall outlet. Low voltage wiring is inexpensive and may not require an electrician to make the connection to the shade.

Denver Somfy Power Panel
Power Distribution Panels. 12 and 24 Volt DC shades can also be powered by a power distribution panel centrally located in an electrical closet. A power distribution panel can supply power to multiple shades and requires wiring from each shade to the panel.

AC Motors. AC motors require traditional AC wiring and in most cases will require an electrician to connect the shade to the AC wiring. One simple way to use an AC motor is to plug it in to an existing wall outlet. The main advantage to using AC motors is shade size. AC motors can power very large motorized shades.

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Motorized Shade Control Options

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