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Arched Blinds and Angled Shades

Arched and Angled Blinds: Fully Moveable. Motorized and Manual.

Arched & Angled Blinds and Shades: Moveable Arched Shades, Operable Angled Blinds, Moveable Pentagon Blinds, Operable Triangular Window Blinds & More!

Our patented and exclusive options for fully operable arched and angled blinds are shipped throughout North America.

Arched and angled blinds from Blind Corners & Curves are the ONLY solution for angled, trapezoid, pentagon, triangular & arched blinds which feature:
  • Motorized or manual operation for all arched and angled blinds.
  • Arched and angled blinds which which will raise and lower completely on your window.
  • ANY SIZE or ANY SHAPE of arched or angled blind.
  • Colors and styles to fit any decor.

Serious Blinds For Funny Shaped Windows!

Why Blind Corners & Curves Arched & Angled Blinds?

Motorized Solutions. Many arched and angled windows are higher off of the ground. Blind Corners & Curves specialty shape blinds are available with motorization. Battery operated arched and angled blinds operated with a remote control are the standard motorized blinds option. Hardwire and home automated blinds for arches and angles are available.

iPhone and other Smart Devices. Motorized arched & angled blinds can be controlled with any smart phone or smart device. Home automation integration is also available for Blind Corners & Curves specialty shaped blinds.

Patented & Exclusive. Arched blinds and angled shades from Blind Corners & Curves feature patented and exclusive operation on just about every shape and size of angled or arched blind.

Fully Moveable. Arched & Angled moveable shades from Blind Corners & Curves will raise and lower with full operation on virtually every size and shape of window.

Motorization Options. Battery operated motorization for Blind Corners & Curves arched and angled blinds is standard. Other options for power include a plug-in transformer, low voltage power supplies, hardwire, as well as AC motorized option. Arched and angled motorized blinds from Blind Corners & Curves are compatible with all home automation systems.

Style and Color Options. Honeycomb and cellular blind materials are the most requested option for arched and angled window blinds. These materials are available in translucent, light filtering, semi-opaque as well as blackout or room darkening options.

2_Arch_Blind_Set.jpg Angled_Blind_Photo.jpg
Reasons to Cover Arched & Angled Windows

Energy Efficiency / Heating & Cooling. The sun causing heat to build up in a room is more likely to occur with higher off of the ground and larger windows. Arched and angled windows are often higher off of the ground. Window coverings for arched and angled help keep a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

UV Exposure & Protection from the Sun. UV exposure causes fading of carpeting, hardwood floors, cabinets, furniture and household furnishings. Blind Corners & Curves blinds for arches and angles provide complete protection from sun exposure.

Light Control. With the touch of a button, Blind Corners & Curves arched and angled moveable shade solutions provide unmatched light control.

Glare Control. Arched and angled blinds from Blind Corners & Curves will alleviate the intensity of the sun when desired, and will help to eliminate glare on a computer screen, television, and other glare concerns.

Don't Compromise. The Bind Corners & Curves patented and exclusive solutions for arched and angled windows are often the exact solution desired. Our blinds provide you with protection from the sun when needed, and a full view when desired. When compared to other non-moveable options, our fully moveable blinds for arched and angled windows offer superb functionality, and a significantly more desirable aesthetic.

How to Order:

For more detailed information and pricing, simply measure the inside width and length of any window you would like to cover at the widest & longest points (always indicate the width measurement first & the length second Example: 72 x 36 is 72 wide by 36 long). If you are emailing or faxing information to us, a rough sketch may also be helpful.

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Motorization: Many of our arch blinds and angled blinds may be motorized. Call for details on specific shapes.

Arched and Angled Blind Solutions

Exclusive & Patented Specialty Shape Blinds. Since 1998.
Motorized Arched Blinds • Manual Arched Blinds
Motorized Angled Blinds • Manual Angled Blinds

Since 1998, Blind Corners & Curves has fabricated fully operable motorized blinds and manual window blinds for arched, angled, triangular, pentagon and other specialty shape window blinds. Our solutions for arches and angles are patented and exclusive.

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