Environmentally Friendly Hand Woven Organic Window Coverings from The Conrad Blind and Shade Collection.

Nov 18, 2016

Conrad Shades, an environmentally friendly textile manufacturer and shade fabricator, has brought organizations and communities together to create and support organic farmers and green products all over the world. The Conrad Shade Collection supports organic farmers who have a unique connection to their crop in that they do not use pesticides or other harsh chemicals and must monitor their crops more acutely. Textiles used for blinds and shades used from environmentally friendly crops can have a very unique shape, feel and overall look. This can create a personal touch, especially when that textile is hand woven like the shades, blinds and drapery that Conrad Shades has been producing for over 50 years.

Conrad Shades, a San Francisco based company, has all environmentally friendly shades, sliding panels, drapery, motorized shades, cornices and folding roman shades. They use sustainable, natural fibers made from plants and grasses in every one of their handcrafted shades and draperies. They gather environmentally friendly materials from locations such as: Korea, Japan and Indonesia. The advantage of using these green products in the window covering is that there are natural properties within the fibers that are strong and durable, they possess a resistance to ultra violet light in a natural and efficient way and some natural fibers also have anti bacterial and anti mold properties contained in the fiber.

Conrad Shades is well known for hand weaving their own textiles in their product line of shades and drapery. Hand woven materials create subtle imperfections that adds uniqueness to the overall design of the window covering. Combining the application of hand woven materials and environmentally friendly green products, Conrad Shades creates a product line of window coverings that adds style and appeal to any room.

Conrad shades are available in both manual and motorized, and can be controlled with an iphone or an ipad.

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