Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection adds new offerings in The Silhouette Window Shades Collection

Jul 28, 2016

Alustra Silhouette window shades by Hunter Douglas have new fabrics and features.

The new A Deux feature provides the option of a front Alustra Silhouette shade with a back side room darkening roller shade. We love our 300 plus days of sunshine here in Denver. For residents in the Denver area, this will allow you to love the sun when you want to and control it when you need to.

The Silhouette A Deux is available in LiteRise, EasyRise or PowerRise 2.1 lifting systems. With A Deux, you can choose the same operating system on front and back shade or choose LiteRise or EasyRise for the Silhouette shade and PowerRise 2.1 for the back roller shade.

Alustra Silhouette window shades by Hunter Douglas has two new fabrics: French Linen and Myst. The Sihhouette Myst has a metallic inspired vane and a color coordinated face sheer and is available in 4 colors. The vane size is 3” only in translucent opacity and comes with a Metallic headrail.The Silhouette French Linen is casual look on the face sheer and is available in 4 colors. The French Linen comes in a 3” vane in translucent and Bon Soir light dimming opacities and comes with standard fabric-covered headrail.

Four new colors have been added to the popular Brio fabric line in the Hunter Douglas Silhouette Collection including white, gray and neutral choices.

Silhouette is also introducing a new and improved UltraGlide 2 Click and Walk Away system. This new UltraGlide 2 Click and Walk Away system will be the same cost as the traditional EasyRise in price.

The LiteRise Two-on-One headrail is a new addition in the Silhouette Collection allowing you to have 2 shades operating independently while sharing the same headrail.

Visit our Denver showroom to see the A Deux and other Alustra shades from Hunter Douglas.

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