Duette and Applause Honeycomb Shades a Q & A

Dec 01, 2016

Frequently asked questions about Duette and Applause honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas.

I hear new Applause fabrics by Hunter Douglas are being launched. Can you tell me how many and when?
There are 2 new fabrics being introduced to the Applause line in the Spring of 2014:
LifeScape, an amazing price focused choice is now available in double honeycomb fabric.
Venue, a high end fabric with the MicroShield antimicrobial fabric protection now added.

What options will be available in LifeScape fabric?
LifeScape fabrics will be available in a ¾” pleat both in semi-opaque as well as blackout and also offered in a double honeycomb as well.

For the new LifeScape and Venue fabric choices what lifting system will be available?
Both LifeScape and Venue fabrics by Hunter Douglas can be ordered on all of the Applause lifting systems. LifeScape double honeycomb will not be available with the LiteRise system.

How many Applause fabric choices are available now with the new additions?
With the addition on LifeScape and Venue fabrics the portfolio now boasts a total of 6 fabric styles.

What is MicroShield and what is the benefit of icroShield?
MicroShield is an anti-microbial protection that repels the proliferation of mold, mildew and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. The Applause Venue fabric by Hunter Douglas is the only cellular fabric on the market with an antimicrobial feature.

Have all of the Hunter Douglas fabrics had MicroShield added to them?
MicroShield will initially launch in Spring of 2014 on the newly added Applause Venue fabric.

Should I be worried about mold, mildew and bacteria in fabric choices without MicroShield treatment?
The needs of each person is unique. MicroShield addresses a growing demand in the market for those who would like antimicrobial treated products for their living spaces.

For PowerRise motorized shades, why choose a C-sized battery wand over the AA battery pack?
The all new C-sized battery wand is available as a satellite mount only and uses 10 C-sized alkaline batteries to operate your shades. PowerRise 2.1 with Platinum Technology can be used for up to 5 years without changing a battery. The battery life of the AA battery pack is 1-2 years however depending on the size.

Can the C-sized battery wand be ordered with all of the Hunter Douglas honeycomb motorized PowerRise shades?
Yes, absolutely. The one exception is the SkyLift system for motorized skylights. Lithium batteries are the recommended choice there.

If we already have Applause and Duette PowerRise 2.1 shades can they be retrofitted with the new C-sized battery wand?
Yes, we use a modular cabling with our motorized shade systems giving the flexibility to change to the C-sized satellite battery wand.

Is it possible for the Applause SkyLift shades to be used for the larger sizes up to 80 square feet the same way Duette SkyLift shades can?
Yes it most definitely will. With the belt-driven system and hearty cabling, Applause SkyLift shades can cover well up to three times the size of past Skylight shades.

Can I order the SkyLift system in a top down option?
No. SkyLift is available only in a bottom up choice. That is how the shade works at it’s optimal best.

What length choices do I have in the SkyLift extension pole?
The SkyLift extension pole for manual skylight shades comes in a long which is 5’ long and extends to 10’ or a short which is 4’ long and extends to 6’.

What options can I choose from with the UltraGlide system?
The UltraGlide system can be ordered in standard Top-Down, Top-Down/Bottom-Up, Duolite and Two-On-One Headrail.