Arched Blinds and Angled Shades

Arched & Angled Blinds and Shades: Moveable Arched Shades, Operable Angled Blinds, Moveable Pentagon Blinds, Operable Triangular Window Blinds & More!

Moveable arched window blinds and operable angled window shades are the focus of Blind Corners & Curves. Blind Corners & Curves fabricates fully operable blinds for arches, angles, trapezoids, triangular, and other difficult to cover window shapes. Our arched blinds and angled shades have few limitations on the size or shape of the arch or angle window.

Serious Blinds For Funny Shaped Windows!

Since 1998, Blind Corners & Curves has specialized in the fabrication of blinds and shades for difficult to cover windows including arched shades, half-round blinds, trapezoid shades, angled blinds, pentagon shades, and triangular window blinds. Just about every size and shape are fully moveable and operable.
Our exclusive patented headrail system (the portion of a blind which actually raises & lowers the blind) is uniquely capable in providing fully operational custom window coverings designed to fit virtually any size or any shape of odd-shaped window.

2_Arch_Blind_Set.jpg Angled_Blind_Photo.jpg

Specialty Shaped Blind Diagrams

How to Order: For more detailed information and pricing, simply measure the inside width and length of any window you would like to cover at the widest & longest points (always indicate the width measurement first & the length second Example: 72 x 36 is 72 wide by 36 long). If you are emailing or faxing information to us, a rough sketch may also be helpful. Click Questions to send us a quick question. If you would like to include a photo or sketch click here to Email Us Additional Information.

Shipping is Free Nationwide. Email or call to get your shade started.

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Motorization: Many of our arch blinds and angled blinds may be motorized. Call for details on specific shapes.

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